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Just Fame's Review of "All Alone"

" a stunning musical extravaganza! Stacey Squires sounds enthralling with her invigorating vocal texture. Whereas, Corey does a phenomenal job on the guitars with exceptional melodic progression. And West adds the revitalizing rhythms on this captivating single. Overall, the boldness…

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"Call That Music?" Review of "All Alone".

The vocal performances are excellent, the guitar works very nicely, bass right in the pocket. It is a textbook example of how a rock track should sound, nicely polished with enough energy to bring us to choruses that are performed…

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"Which Coast?" Review of "All Alone"

West of Corey is a group made up of experienced and talented music artists who have come together to create the kind of experience you won’t find every day; “All Alone” is a great example of the depth this group…

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Skope Magazine Review of "All Alone"

West Of Corey Release Atmospheric Anthem ‘All Alone’ 

West of Corey has brought out the gun in their recent single ‘All Alone’. With a sound so self-assured, you’d be forgiven for thinking West of Corey had been on the scene…

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West of Corey is very good at making very poignant statements to go along with their very accessible music. Usually, the smarter lyrical content of the music world seems to go hand in hand with over the top music...See

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DAILY MUSIC ROLL's Review of our "All Alone" Video

West of Corey hits back with their newly released music video ‘All Alone’ 

West of Corey intends to quickly connect with the audience with their latest music video, ‘All Alone’ that churns out the band’s most eclectic musical qualities. See

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Beach Sloth Like our Unhinged Approach!

"Not a moment is wasted for they dive headfirst into the animalistic fury [of Misty Mound]...classic rock meets hard rock in a way that feels fully satisfying" Beach Sloth had many kind things to say about us, thanks much! Check

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